by inoils


Welcome to my blog which I hope some people may find of interest in following my painting and the more general fun and excitement of my new life as a professional artist painting in oils.

4 years ago my wife and I (both in our mid 40s) took the decision to upsticks from our “comfortable” lifestyle near Banbury and pack our labrador and 3 children into a campervan and set off in search of a “cultural adventure”.

We ended up here in Revel, a small very French market town halfway between Toulouse and Carcassonne where our boys (14, 13 and 11 years old) attend the local schools and my wife teaches English to the local Saucisson maker (amongst others!).

One of the principle reasons for the move was to allow me the chance to realise my life-long ambition to study and develop my painting – although I used to exhibit paintings when I was at school my life as a professional consultant over the past 30 years provided few opportunities for anything much more than Saturday life classes and holiday watercolours.

So the last 4 years has been a fascinating and exhilarating journey of re-discovery and development – starting with choosing a palette and learning how to prepare a canvas, through studying colour theory and the work of artists such as Sorolla to approaching galleries and selling my work.

This “blogging” idea is all a bit new to me so please be patient as I get used to this new form of communication!