Following my nose

by inoils


Yesterday I went looking for cows sitting under trees in the hot weather that we are finally enjoying as a subject for a future oil painting – I am in a bit of a “cow phase” of my art at the moment.

Just past Dournge the traffic was stopped by a group of people herding about 30 horses and donkeys across the road.

I managed to park the car, grabbed my camera and set off in pursuit but they were going so fast it took me about half a mile to catch up.

It turned out that they were from La Ferme d’En Goût which rents out pack donkeys and horses for people to take with them into the mountains – they even have some gypsy caravans pulled by wonderful old carthorses.

What an adventure that would be!

And today’s “promenade” was to take the animals up to a field that the organisation owns about 2 hours into the mountains – for a holiday of their own before they enter the busy summer holidays.

You can see details of La Ferme at

They were all great people and were very welcoming and I ended up walking for about 2 miles up these steep mountains tracks – in my sandals.

I need to look at the photos that I took later today to see whether I can find one that could form the basis for a painting.