The Sorolla Exhibition is Stunning!

by inoils


The Sorolla exhibition that Rosie and I visited in Madrid last week is without doubt the best exhibition I have attended – over 100 of the most stunning canvases, including most of the best known ones, all brilliantly displayed in the new part of the Prado.

The exhibition is open until 6th September and I would urge anyone who likes Joaquin Sorolla’s oil paintings to book up immediately – I promise that you will be bowled over by the quality, the light, the colours, the edges, the compositions and the scale of some of the canvases (one of my favourites, the Tuna Catch, measures a whopping 3.5m by 4.8m!)

You need to book entrance places online. We booked for 2 days running both at 9.30 to try to get in before the queues.

Details of the exhibition can be found on the Prado’s web site, click here

To check the availability of tickets click on the “Tickets in Advance” tab on the right hand side.

We stayed at the Prado hotel which was about a 10 minute walk away and was quite sufficient – although do ask for a quiet room. There were lots of great bars and restaurants within a couple of minutes walk of the hotel.

There is an excellent new book to accompany this unique exhibition but we found that the reproductions in the hardback edition (only available in Spanish) was better than the English paperback version – so we lugged a copy of both home with us on Easyjet!