Sorolla Exhibition Video

by inoils

Sorolla Tuna Catch

The Prado web site has now published a 15 minute video of the Sorolla exhibition with subtitled comments by the curators.

You can link to the video here

The above painting is The Tuna Catch, painted in 1919. It is one of the enormous Hispanic Society panels (this one is 3.5m x 4.9m) which have been brought over from America for the exhibition.

I get the impression from looking at the Hispanic Society panels that Sorolla’s passion for life and light was drained by this commission – for me his paintings of the beach, particularly those around Valencia, are the work of a far happier man, full of energy and passion and loving the adventure of painting.

There are, however, some exceptions – I love both the Tuna catch and the one of the girls sitting under the palm trees (Elche, El Palmeral).

What I had not appreciated until visiting the exhibition is that the top 70cm (roughly – you can see the line if you look hard) of this painting comprising the underside of the yellow awning is a separate canvas which presumably Sorolla added towards the end of the painting – I hope that I would have the confidence to do that!

The Hispanic Society commission undoubtedly made Sorolla a very rich and well-known artist but did it contribute towards his death at the relatively young age of 60?