Channel 4 Nude of the Day

by inoils

Iain Vellacott Life Drawing 1

I sat down to have my lunch yesterday, flicked on my new TV and found myself watching Channel 4’s new Life Class programme.

What a great idea! Beats Countdown!

Sadly, the artist that was presenting the programme was pretty useless but the model was good and the programme seemed to give enough time for people to draw from the model – albeit that a TV image obviously misses many of the subtleties of light and form.

I started attending life classes when I lived in London 20 years ago and ever since then have tried to join a class wherever I have been living.

In Revel we have a class most Mondays, starting with short 5 minute poses and then extending the time out to about 20 minutes for the longer poses.

I always draw in charcoal on large pieces of paper (50 x 65cm) and love to work the charcoal around with my fingers and then lift off areas of light with a putty rubber.

I put a lot of concentration and energy into my work and at the end of 3 hours I am exhausted.


I would strongly urge any artist to try to find a local Life Class – I know it can seem quite a daunting prospect for some people but once you have got through a few sessions you will start to relax and your skills of drawing and observation will improve significantly.

And if you want to have a go before that why not turn of Channel 4 at lunchtime and get drawing!

Incidentally, more details of the programme can be found on Channel 4’s web site here