“Pete the Street”‘s Shorts

by inoils

I was flattered to receive a note from Peter Brown NEAC this morning in response to the exhibition catalogue I sent him a couple of days ago –

“Got your catalogue yesterday. Fantastic stuff! Love the Rugby and Cricket, Lunchtime… I’d love to be able to capture the action like you have – brilliant! You must be really pleased. I’ll eat my shorts if they’re not all gone by the first day if not already.”

Pete is one of my painting idols – I love the light and energy of his townscapes and am constantly in awe of his ability to set his easel up on a street corner and capture not just the architecture and perspective but also the light and whole atmosphere of a scene.

He mainly sells his work through Messums, one of London’s top galleries based on Cork Street, and, not surprisingly, his annual shows are often sell-outs.

You can see more of his work here – and hopefully you will be able to see his shorts on him!

And you can find more details of Pete’s new book on his paintings of Bath here