Sorolla El Pescador

by inoils

Can anyone lend me £3m?

The Sotheby’s auction to be held in London in November includes two outstanding Sorollas – El Pescador is one of my favourite paintings and is estimated to sell for £2 to £3m (although my guess is that even the higher estimate may be exceeded).

Both El Pescador and Niños en la Playa (below) were painted in 1904 and, to me, are wonderful examples of Sorolla’s transition from painting with his head to painting with his heart.

In Niños en la Playa I am fascinated by the area around the head of the boy in the foreground – did JS come back to the painting later to change the shape of the head? And if so, why did he not do the far simpler thing of making the corresponding changes to the sea? But at the same time I love this part because it shows Sorolla’s honesty and focus. And the blue (? Prussian blue) in the foreground seems far stronger than in many other paintings.

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