Omar Logang in Nice

by inoils

I was delighted to meet the fabulous street artist Omar Logang during my recent trip to Nice.

Originally from the southern Sudan, Omar took up Spanish citizenship in 1996 and exhibited his vibrant plein aire paintings in a number of Madrid’s leading galleries.

He now splits his time between Nice, Madrid and trips around the world (most notably back to Africa), carrying his paints and large canvases with him.

I spent quite a lot of time with Omar over several days, watching him paint, visiting his studio and helping him sell some of his smaller canvases in the Cours Saleya market (and in fact buying one myself) – and I felt re-energised by his wonderful character and his total passion for, and his dedication to, his art.

I also love his work, the way he can make colour sing and his thick use of paint – I swear that in one of his paintings of the Negresco the paint on the cornice of the hotel, where shadow turned to light, was an inch thick – and it worked brilliantly!

Omar has an exhibition of some of his large canvases of Nice in the Opera district of the city in Spring 2011 and I am hoping to be able to get over to see it.

In the meantime, if anyone is in Nice, do try to go to see Omar’s work in the Cours Saleya open air market.

You can see more examples of Omar’s work on his web site here