Falling in love with Revel

by inoils

Please accept my apologies for not having updated my blog for so long – this year I have been rushing around trying to earn some money to help support my 3 teenage sons who want to return to the UK for their university studies.

But I am hoping to now have some time to paint, and in particular to get together a collection of new paintings for an exhibition that I have at Winchester College in September 2013.

I was invited recently to exhibit a selection of my paintings at Credit Mutuel here in Revel and this is the article from this week’s Voix du Midi.  I actually totally forgot about the appointment with the journalist but luckily their PR lady called me to ask where I was – and when I turned up their were lots of Directors and they kindly cracked open a bottle of champagne – at 11am!  Very kind and very French!  It may also explain the spelling of my name and why the article refers to watercolour (aquarelle) rather than oil painting!