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The Tour de France Arrives Tomorrow

Everyone is buzzing with excitement here in Revel as the massive operation that supports the Tour de France is currently rolling into town to set up everything that goes with one of the world’s greatest sporting events.

This is an oil painting that I have just finished of the last time that the Tour came to our town in 2013 when they cycled down from Lac de Saint Ferreol and past my friend Nicholas’ shop on the Commerce roundabout.

Tour de France Revel by Iain Vellacott

Tomorrow’s finish is going to be even more exciting as the riders will come into Revel from Castelnaudary and then (after passing through this roundabout but going other way to my painting!) head up the steep and long 2km hill to the lake before making a fast and winding descent back down with a final flat 3km to the finishing line in the town.

With the possibility of rain showing on the meteo this could be one of the most challenging and exciting final 10kms of this year’s race.

I have picked myself a spot just up the hill from the roundabout from where, once they have passed, I am planning on dashing round to the finish on the other side of town before they arrive.

Hoping for another Brit victory to help fend off some of the ribbing I have been getting about the football, Brexit, etc!



Le soleil arrive à Revel – enfin!

I have taken a quick time-out from painting Winchester College to celebrate the arrival of the sun here in Revel, which has been conspicuous by its absence recently.Image

New Paintings for Madam Maury’s Christmas Window





Revel Christmas Exhibition

I am delighted that Madame Maury has kindly asked me to exhibit my paintings of Revel in her fabulous antiques shop over Christmas.

Madame Maury’s shop is at the bottom of this arcade on the right.

PS You may be interested to know that I have finally updated my web site at

London Exhibition 18th November – 14th December

Corrida de Rejon

I am not particularly wild on bullfighting but I wanted to reflect the very real art of a Corrida de Rejon – bullfighting on horseback.

This painting will feature in Revel’s Fiesta d’Esapagne which is being held in mid July.

Tour de France Revel Painting

Everyone here in Revel is getting very excited as this Saturday’s Stage 13 of the Tour de France finishes here – and then Stage 14 starts from here on Sunday morning!

This is not only a great honour for this small market town (population about 9,000) but also a major boost to the “Bio Valley Lauragais” project which designates Revel as the centre of an area focusing on biological and natural food products.

And with 50,000 visitors expected it should be quite a weekend!

You can see more details of Revel on the Tour’s official web site here and there is a short video showing the market square (which features in many of my paintings) here

I am delighted to have been invited to sit in the VIP stand adjacent to the finish from where I am hoping to take photos on which to base a large painting of this historic event.

I also have an exhibition of paintings of Revel in Madam Maury’s fabulous antiques shop in the market square, including the above painting of some cyclists I spotted a couple of weeks ago.

My only worry is how Contador is going to carry a large painting on his bike, particularly with the tricky Pyrenees sections ahead!

Early Morning Market

The Golden Arches, Revel

But apparently we are getting a real MacDonalds soon – how France is changing!

Revel – Champions of the Pyrennes!

I painted this picture to celebrate Revel’s historic victory over St Lys in last Sunday’s Final of the Rugby Championship of the Pyrenees.

It is currently in the window of the Madame Maury’s wonderful antique shop in the Market Square – and seemed to be quite a talking point in this morning’s market!

Squinting at Everything

I spent Friday and Saturday on an excellent 2 day life painting course run by Aldo Balding at his studio in Castlenaudary.

As well as being a wonderful painter, Aldo is a natural and inspiring teacher – and his advice and encouragement is behind much of my progress over the past few years.

In painting a different model from life each day Aldo reminded me of the importance of squinting to identify the tone (on a scale of 1 to 9) of the various shapes.

I feel that I must now look like I am doing a rather poor impersonation of Clint Eastwood as I walk around Revel squinting at everything!

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